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We are a local speech pathology service committed to one-to-one work.

Our Speech Pathologist: Nathan Carter

Nathan has worked with great colleagues in speech-language pathology in BC for more than a decade. He has helped adults on a wide range of communication and swallowing goals, completed advanced endoscopic swallow study analysis coursework with Dr. J. Ashford, and has had a hand in training fellow speech pathologists in endoscopic swallow assessment in Canada and Australia. He holds a Masters Degree in Science from UBC and is a certified Compton P-ESL accent instructor. He maintains certified practice certificates in videofluoroscopy, endoscopic swallow assessment, communication and swallowing for tracheostomy, and tracheo-esophageal voice restoration (post-laryngectomy).

“I’m continually impressed by the things I see in FEEVS – the fine tuning of the larynx (voicebox) and the split-second timing and coordination that allow us to eat and drink while still protecting our airways. I find it most rewarding when someone I’m working with has that moment of realizing they get it – they can do, or say, or take care of something in a way that they couldn’t before.”

Nathan Carter, M.Sc., RSLP is licensed by the College of Health and Care Professionals of BC.
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